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Save time before your first appointment by completing the forms beforehand.


Simply download, print and fill out each of the three forms below and bring them with you to your appointment. Thank you!

Cancellation Policy

 Patient Information

Patient History 

Insurance statement

Here at Serene View Dental, we accept all insurance policies that allow you to see a dentist of your choice. Filing insurance is a service that we provide as a courtesy to our patients. Fortunately, Dr. Rayburn is not bound by a contract to any insurance company. This enables her to provide a diagnosis that is vital to our patients overall dental health rather than allowing dental insurance companies to dictate what treatment they deem necessary without ever meeting you.


Our clinic is a “Fee for Service '' practice, this allows us to offer our patients personalized care based on their unique needs at an affordable price. 

Understanding dental insurance can be extremely confusing and difficult to navigate. Insurance companies strive to keep it this way because many people give up trying to understand insurance when it becomes overwhelmingly complicated. We have made it our mission to help eliminate confusion and stress for our patients when it comes to their benefits, coverage, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. With the aid of our software and knowledgeable staff members working full time on all things insurance, Dr. Rayburn is able to give the appropriate amount of time with each patient to put their health first. It takes time to listen to patients, properly diagnose problems with the mouth, help people to relax and perform quality work. 

Dr. Rayburn works diligently to provide our patients with an unbiased opinion on their dental conditions and needs. Meanwhile, dentists who are contracted to an insurance company may often be limited on certain procedures they can offer or may feel pressure to guide patients to payable treatment due to their binding contract.

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